Personal teaching is focus of California Teachers Summit

Published June 25, 2018

Teaching today is no longer a simple formula. There’s more to reading, writing and math and Common Core. Students have individual needs, academic hurdles that need to be addressed to ensure success in the classroom.

This year’s Better Together: California Teacher’s Summit will enable teachers and administrators from across the state to learn how they can personalize learning and tailor strategies that will give students a bigger voice and choice in their learning, which could increase engagement and generate better outcomes. The annual summit, with keynote speaker Sir Ken Robinson, will be held July 27 at 33 locations, including Long Beach State.

Robinson works with education systems and other agencies internationally with the intent to unlock the creative energy of people and organizations.

Summit organizers are hoping this year’s event, titled “Meeting the Needs of Every Student”, will strengthen the state’s teacher network, enable them to share resources and strategies, and experience personalized learning.

Last year, Julie Denmion, a teacher in the Long Beach Unified School District for 20 years, and a lecturer at Long Beach State, said the summit gave teachers the “best chance to talk to each other” and find new perspectives to old problems.

Dr. Nat Hansuyadha, associate professor of Liberal Studies and faculty coordinator for the Long Beach State summit, said the conference centers on topics that teachers want to know more about. The summit enables teachers to choose their own professional developmental path and share their ideas and strategies they utilize in the classroom.

The program will feature TED-style EdTalks, presented by teacher leaders and a choice of discussions in an Edcamp format. This format encourages peer-to-peer dialogue and empowers teachers to lean into their own learning.