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California State University, Long Beach

"California State University, Long Beach" is the official name of our university. This formal term must be used in contracts, legal and policy documents, diplomas and certificates. Upon secondary reference in copywriting, the shortened "Cal State Long Beach" and/or the acronym “CSULB" may be used.

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University wordmarks

California Education Code Section 89005.5(a)(1)(B) provides that the names of all California State University institutions are property of the State of California. Education Code Section 89005.5(a)(2)(B) states that no person shall use any CSU name, or any abbreviation of any CSU name, to imply, indicate or otherwise suggest that any product, service, or organization is connected or affiliated with, or is endorsed, favored or supported by the Trustees of the California State University. This section further provides that "The permission of the Trustees is required before any [CSU name] may be used for any commercial purpose." Subpart (c) of Section 89005.5 states that any person who uses a CSU name in violation of California law is also guilty of a misdemeanor. Further, visual marks of the University such as the seal, various logos and wordmarks, and the shark mascot are also legally protected and may not be used by outside individuals and organizations without permission. Entities interested in using the University name or an institutional mark on commercial purposes may explore licensing opportunities with the institutionally affiliated '49er Shops at the Beach, which manages trademarked CSULB images on behalf of and under agreement with the University. The '49er Shops will not enter into a licensing agreement that implies that any product, service, or organization or is endorsed, favored or supported by the University. If a licensing agreement is reached with the '49er Shops, marks may not be altered in any way.