The Vietnamese Student Association invites you to join them as they celebrate the academic accomplishments of all Vietnamese students at CSULB.

History of the Vietnamese Student Association

In 1968, there were two main groups of immigrant Vietnamese students studying abroad who created two separate Vietnamese student organizations. Both of these new organizations had the common purpose of uniting Vietnamese students and creating a sense of belonging within the campus of CSULB. After the Vietnam War ended in 1975, one organization remained, officially creating what is now known as the Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) of California State University, Long Beach.

Today, VSA makes up one of the biggest cultural-social organizations on campus, with membership and sustainability at an all-time high. VSA continues the vital mission our predecessors worked hard to perpetuate: preserving and promoting Vietnamese heritage while incorporating the unique lifestyle and culture that being American-born with a Vietnamese background brings. VSA is, and always has been, formed on the idea of uniting individuals with a common interest in education, social involvement, and cultural development of the Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American groups within our campus and community.