For Undocumented Empowered Leaders (FUEL) and the Dream Success Center invite you to the Undocu Graduation Celebration. The Undocu Graduation Celebration (UGC) represents the culmination of our students' studies and recognizes the work, dedication, and resilience students have invested over the years at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB). Come join us in celebration with your loved ones on this momentous occasion of your academic career!

This year's theme is #UndocuProud! The graduating class of 2023 has overcome adversity and has defied the odds. The last few years have brought upon barriers from the pandemic and uncertainty from the political landscape; yet this community of undocumented scholars have accomplished much and will continue persevering. We celebrate this and everything ahead of them!

History of For Undocumented Empowered Leaders

For Undocumented Empowered Leaders (FUEL) was established to advocate, educate, and empower the undocumented community at CSULB. FUEL advocates for the rights of undocumented students at CSULB through rallies, forums, and workshops. They also educate the undocumented community about resources available to them. But most of all, FUEL supports the undocumented community in any way they can - whether that is providing a safe space to share their stories, get them connected to allies on campus, or just spending time together and hanging out. FUEL's objective is to make sure the undocumented community succeeds at CSULB.