Meet the Team



Image of Jessica
Jessica Gonzalez (she, her, hers) 
Major: Counseling Psychology- Marriage and Family Therapy  
Fun Facts: 
I love dancing and have been a dancer for 8 years. 
I have 3 dogs and a cat. 
I enjoy watching anime in my free time. 

Image of Manny
Manny Estrada (he, him, his) 
Major: Counseling Psychology- Marriage and Family Therapy 
Fun Facts: 
I enjoy traveling and learning about different cultures. My favorite travel experience has been road tripping around Iceland. 
I have a super dog named Henry whose favorite tag line is, "Do you even fetch?" 
I am a fan of theater and performing arts. I volunteered to teach children dance and singing lessons for 3 years in LA County even though I was not classically trained. The kids loved it and I learned from it!
Image of Mara
Mara Lewis (she, her, hers)  
Major: M.A. Speech-Language Pathology 
Fun Facts: 
I love spending time in nature, soaking up the sun and trying to get my feet wet in any natural body of water that I can find 
My passion for mental health is rooted in my drive for dismantling systems of oppression, specifically ableism and heteronormativity as a woman who is hard-of-hearing, has ADHD, and is part of the LGBTQIA+ 
I have had a 4.0GPA my whole life, let's hope year 2 of grad school doesn't break my streak! 

Image of Julia
Julia Guevara  (she, her, hers)  
Major: Science in Kinesiology, Option in Exercise Science 
Fun facts: 
One thing on my bucket list is to finish a marathon.  
My perfect day would start with watching the sunrise and end with eating a good dinner with family and friends.  
My favorite cuisine is Korean food.   ​
Image of Valeria
Valeria Gonzalez (she, her, hers) 
Major: Communication Studies 
Fun Facts: 
My favorite color is green! 
My family is originally from Jalostotitlan, Jalisco, in Mexico but I have lived in So-Cal my whole life. 
Pre-Covid, my favorite activity was going to concerts for R&B, Indie artists, and more! 
Photo of Sheyla
Sheyla Hernandez (she, her, hers) 
Major: Health Science
Fun Facts: 
I have hiked the highest peak in the lower 48 states (Mt. Whitney)
Last year I hiked an active volcano named Acatenango in Guatemala 
I have thalassphobia (fear of the ocean or large bodies of water) which is why I stay on land and on mountains!

Image of bongjoo hwang
Bongjoo Hwang (he, him, his)
Ph.D., Director of CAPS
Professional interests: Working with students on crisis, trauma, adjustment, and identity issues, & training others and leading projects and teams to achieve goals;
Personal interests: becoming a better partner, father, and person, and being happy.


Image of gloria flores
Gloria Flores (she, her, hers)
MPH, CHES, Peer Program Coordinator of CAPS
Professional interests: Health promotion, equity and access to healthcare
Personal interests: environmental sustainability, hiking, and trying new coffees

Image of leilani madrigal
Leilani Madrigal
Ph.D in Kinesiology, specialization in Sport & Exercise Psychology; Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC)
Beach Buddy Supervisor, Assistant Professor
Personal interests: Kayaking, learning to play the guitar and ukulele