Receiving & Mail Services

Receiving and Mail Services is responsible for the sorting and distribution of all official mail for the university. Our department is committed to delivering all mail by 2 p.m. For sending mail to CSULB students living in on-campus Residence Halls, please refer to the University Housing & Residential Life website.

New Postal Rates 2023

The U.S. Postal Service has increased postage rates for select USPS mailing and shipping services effective January 22, 2023. Receiving and Mail Services has proportionally increased campus rates in order to match the changes set forth by the USPS. For a full list of the new USPS rates, please visit the USPS 2023 Price List.

How to Save Money on Postage and Mailings

Personal Mail

Please note that campus mail services are for official campus business only. Sending and receiving personal packages through the campus mail system is strictly prohibited. Please use the USPS drop boxes located on campus for sending personal mail. Additionally, our office does not provide retail mail services such as selling stamps or personal postage. Please contact the University Bookstore if you need to purchase postage or any other shipping items.

For sending mail to students living in on-campus housing, please refer to the University Housing & Residential Life website for how to properly address mail to the Residence Halls.

U.S. Mail

  • USPS Postal Pricing
  • U.S. ZIP Codes
  • Mail dropped off at Receiving and Mail Services by 2:00 p.m. will be processed and sent out the same day.
  • Official U.S. Postal Office mailboxes are located at Brotman Hall and the upper campus loop. Pickup is at 3:00 p.m. Monday-Friday and 10:00 a.m. on Saturday. There is no pickup on Sunday or holidays.


  • Campus Mail Distribution
  • Special services (certified, delivery confirmation, Insured, registered)
  • Processing outgoing mail
  • Priority Mail
  • First-Class Mail
  • Presorted First-Class Mail and Standard Mail
  • Book rate
  • International Mail
  • Library rate
  • USPS and UPS shipping
  • Standard Mail and nonprofit mail


Track Your Shipment

Amazon at The Beach

Amazon at the Beach offers a secure and convenient location for the Cal State Long Beach community to pick up and return Amazon orders. Amazon at the Beach is located on the back side of the University Bookstore facing Lot E10. Parking for Amazon at the Beach is not in Lot E10, but free parking spaces for Amazon use only are located in the small vendor lot between Lot E10 & E11.

For more information, please contact the University Bookstore.

Work Orders for Large Items/Shipments

A work order with the Campus Movers will need to be placed for the following items:

  • Any items over a significant weight limit or requires special handling
  • High value items
  • Items that are crated or that require installation by the vendor
  • Furniture or large order of chairs
  • Shipments of computers on multiple pallets

To arrange moving of such items to your area, please contact Beach Building Services Customer Service at (562) 985-4828 or email Please have a SpeedChart ready when arranging the work order for your items.