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Black history month: students by the student union
To celebrate Black History Month is to celebrate the good and the great in America. It is a time to recognize achievements, leaders and events that shaped a nation and a people. And it is a time to remember the tragedies, continue fighting for equality and justice, and remain committed to keeping our “eyes on the prize.” So, why do we celebrate this special month? The short answer is that the history of our country is forever intertwined with the history of African Americans. To know who we...
Campus Climate Survey
The initiative is a national survey to study the thoughts, feelings and issues of our entire campus community—faculty, students and staff.
generic campus shot
Many support services are available to students as the Supreme Court prepares its decision on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Cal State Long Beach is steadfast in its support.
Native American neighbors, The Tongva people
The Beach is influenced by its Native American neighbors and we should remember the Tongva people and all first Americans during this time of thanksgiving, who have helped shape our country.
Chancellor Timothy White
Chancellor Timothy White, who announced his retirement effective next year, has been a friend to The Beach through his leadership and dedication to higher education.  
Students walking on campus
The Beach is working hard to address and find solutions to the current mental health crisis. We recognize the importance of our health and wellness programs to our student population.  
This week marks the beginning of the United States Supreme Court's new term, when the justices weigh arguments that can have lifechanging impacts on many in our community.
Hispanic Heritage Month: Student dancing
Reflecting our commitment to Hispanic student success, it is fitting that our new academic year begins with a celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month.
Students on campus on first day
Today marks the second anniversary of the rescinding of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.
Students during commencement ceremony
In an EdSource podcast, a small panel discusses why students are increasingly dropping out of college.