Thank you, Chancellor White

Published October 22, 2019

Dear Campus Community:

By now, you have likely heard that Dr. Timothy P. White, who has served as the California State University’s chancellor since 2012, has announced plans to retire in 2020. The CSU’s official announcement provided a glimpse into his extraordinary leadership, which has benefited the system and Cal State Long Beach in innumerable ways. And his unflagging dedication has earned him respect throughout the CSU, California and the nation.

Dr. White guided the system through the unprecedented fiscal challenges of the Great Recession to the present, when the CSU is on a unique path of accomplishment. Enrollments are up and graduation rates continue their notable rise. Social mobility and increased diversity are more than just lofty goals—they are guiding priorities that have helped to distinguish the educational experience offered through the CSU.

During his time as the CSU’s leader, he brought on a noteworthy roster of vice chancellors and presidents, including a significant number of people from underrepresented and underserved populations. Most importantly, he chose leaders who shared his vision – and passion – for student welfare and success, with a clear commitment to shared governance and academic excellence.

Beyond his work as the CSU’s leader, there is much to be said about Dr. White as a person. He is warmhearted, genuine, principled, and he tells it like it is. Furthermore, in the often-chaotic world of public higher education, he’s the voice of calm and a champion of common sense. I have enjoyed every opportunity to work with him.

I will miss Dr. White’s leadership. On behalf of the entire Beach family, I wish Dr. White and his family all the best on their next adventures. Our campus is better because of all that he has done on behalf of the CSU.

Thank you, Dr. Timothy White.



Jane Close Conoley, Ph.D.