Manifesting Peace In Our Actions

Published May 1, 2024

Dear OneBeach Community,

It is right to speak out against injustice. It’s right to be on the side of peace. We should all be focused on the human experience of the ongoing war between Hamas and Israel – the plight of the October 7 victims and their families, the ongoing trauma suffered by hostages, and the horror of the bombings in Gaza.

It is, however, hateful and wrong for anyone on this campus to target Jewish students, faculty members, or staff. The recent appearance of posters featuring pictures of Hillel members is particularly heinous. Posting pictures of our students crosses a line into threatening behavior that wreaks of antisemitism. 

Such posters do not represent an anti-war sentiment, which likely would rally support from many groups, but rather a cold indifference to Hillel members’ sense of belonging and security at The Beach. My experience is that the great majority of our community members, whatever their political perspectives are, condemn harassment and intimidation of any group or individual.  

The "Declaration Toward a Global Ethic" from the Parliament of the World's Religions (1993) proclaimed the Golden Rule, "We must treat others as we wish others to treat us,” as the common principle for many religions. I ask those responsible for these defamatory postings to reflect on this Golden Rule before implementing more actions likely to promote divisiveness and provoke violence. If you demonstrate for peace, also manifest peace in your actions. 

Jane Close Conoley, Ph.D.