An update on COVID-19 cases on campus

Published September 30, 2020

As a follow up to President Conoley’s recent email, I wanted to provide you with an update on new cases of COVID-19 affecting our students.

Over the past few days, we have investigated further and, partnering with public-health agencies, also conducted contact tracing and testing of our residential population.

During the course of our work, we learned more about social gatherings attended by Beach students over the past month in violation of prevailing public-health guidance and directives from the university.

Consequently, in addition to the five positive test results announced to the campus community on Saturday, we now have 17 new confirmed, related cases among our students – ten of whom live on campus and seven of whom live off campus.

These test results and our contact tracing efforts have led to students being placed in quarantine. Those living off campus have been asked to self-isolate in coordination with public-health officials. On-campus residents have been in quarantine since Saturday, with those community members who are positive now living in a separate building.

Some of our on-campus residents who tested negative have elected to quarantine off campus, most likely at a family home, in coordination with their caseworker in Student Health Services. At this time, 206 of our 328 residents remain on campus.

Medical monitoring will continue for those who have tested positive, and we are in the process of establishing a surveillance testing program for the other residents.

Those who have tested positive for the illness are either asymptomatic or report mild symptoms.

My colleagues in Student Affairs will be reviewing appropriate disciplinary action for those who placed themselves and our community at risk.

Together with others at the university, we will keep the campus community informed as we move through the semester.   
Kimberly Fodran, M.D.   
Chief of Medical Staff   
California State University, Long Beach