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Since 1998, Women & Philanthropy has furnished donors with rewarding opportunities to work collaboratively, alongside other accomplished and dedicated women and men, to assist CSULB students who are returning to campus to complete their undergraduate degrees or whose majors require participation in costly or time-intensive research or creative activities. To date, donors of Women & Philanthropy have raised (through private donations) and awarded more than $650,000 to over 240 deserving junior- and senior-level students selected to receive re-entry or creative-research scholarships.

All of the funds raised are used for student scholarships.

More reasons to support Women & Philanthropy

Women & Philanthropy creates opportunities for students who have demonstrated a commitment to academic success, intellectual curiosity, innovative spirit that stimulates creative and scientific research, and financial need. Through scholarships, our donors help expand the boundaries of research, ensure a pipeline of highly qualified professionals for various businesses, entertainment and healthcare professions, and make students more competitive in today’s global market.

The Impact of Your Investment

Donors to Women & Philanthropy give deserving students the support they need to complete their degrees, to expand the boundaries of undergraduate research, and to weather unexpected financial crises. This, in turn, benefits not only the scholarship recipients themselves, but also their families, workplaces, and communities—and all of us who are inspired by their persistence and determination.

Women & Philanthropy 25th Anniversary 

Women & Philanthropy will be celebrating its 25th anniversary this academic year. Founded in 1998 by a group of passionate CSULB supporters, W&P has been able to award over $650,000 in scholarships to our reentry and creative research students. Over the years W&P has helped many of our non-traditional students work towards obtaining their degrees and has helped them overcome many obstacles on their path to graduation. We are so excited to celebrate 25 years and look forward to awarding many more scholarships in the upcoming years.

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