Known Issues - Drupal 9

After the upgrade to Drupal 9, the site has experienced issues that have affected the way content is displayed on our website. Our teams regularly maintain this page to keep you informed of the status of those issues and when to expect their resolution. Updates are scheduled as "releases" containing the issues that are being addressed or are under development.


Upcoming fixes/upgrades

  • Drupal 10 Compatibility
  • CKEditor5 support.
  • Re-structuring of Drupal roles and permissions.

Fixed on 01.10.2024

  • Social Media Share widget feature available for articles on the site.

Fixed on 09.26.2023

  • PHP 8.1 upgrade
  • Groups Module version upgrade to v1.5
  • Sidebar "Yellow Content Box" template missing the spacing for paragraphs.
  • Events embed view now prioritizes the summary field if available over the body context.

Fixed on 08.10.2023

  • 4 Allyant P3 issues.
  • Revert button missing for content editor and approvers under the revision tab.
  • An event feed error is causing the article and event views to display "&" instead of "&". To resolve this, HTML character decoding has been implemented for the description field.

Fixed on 07.26.2023

  • Drupal core upgrade to v9.5.10
  • Responsive 2-column, 3-column layout especially on mobile viewport.
  • Fix the styling of Yellow Action button if inside accordion and 2-column layout.
  • Wrong "+/-" signs for left sidebar menu's.

Fixed on 07.13.2023

  • Provide content moderators with the "Content Approver" and higher roles the ability to view inline and split view differences between content revisions.
  • Fix for table scrollbar not visible if overflown.
  • Fix table width issue at certain viewpoint especially mobile view.

Fixed on 06.29.2023

  • Google Analytics migration to GA4 configuration

Fixed on 06.27.2023

  • Allyant accessibility P1 & P2 issues.

Fixed on 05.19.2023

  • Fixed the styling issue with Yellow action button if in Accordion was blue colored.
  • Add block-quotes style on other pages. Styling was already there on article node type.
  • Remove top gradient from the banners.
  • Display article summary on the top-level news page.
  • Exclude expired events from the group homepage.
  • Fix the issue of bullets being added with links showing up like tab.
  • To improve accessibility, the accordions and content paragraphs have been incorporated into the "main-content" section. This change ensures that the content is organized and structured properly for better accessibility.

Fixed on 01.09.2023

  • Inability to add new slide on Group Homepage: Content Owners are not able to add new slide on the Group Homepage. The "Add New Slide" button is missing in the Editor.

Completed in release 1.1

  • "More" button: "more" button stops loading content after the first click.
  • Videos missing: Videos in accordions and sidebars were missing after recent upgrade. (this issue has reoccured).
  • Articles missing left & right sidebar content: Some articles are missing both left and right sidebar content. (quick links remained, but anything contained in paragraphs did not migrate.) 

Completed in release 1.03 on 8.11.22

  • Anchor links: Anchor links to section headers are not working
  • Revisions - current version issue: In the revision table view, first entry on the page is always listed as the current version even if you select page 3 the first revision listed will say "current version"
  • Webforms: CSULB is experiencing difficulty keeping track of forms - especially when they have identical names, such as Contact Us. A solution for concatenating other info related to webforms, such as the group/dept name is being developed.
    • Styling issues: 
      • Full-width images are being stretched or larger breakpoints
      • Image captions not displaying correctly

Completed in release 1.02 on 7.7.22

  • Users & permissions: Users accounts were missing from new website. A fix by migrating the missing users was implemented in this release.

  • Webform submissions: Content Owners were not able to edit/ manage the webforms and also not able to view submission results. Webform submission email recipients were receiving empty mail with "default" keyword.

  • Images & videos missing: Images and videos from accordions were missing after recent upgrade.

Date TBD

  •  Missing styling for multilevel numbered list.
  • Banner styling issues: Size in landing and interior pages is not consistent
  • Webforms: content administration: Group admins need access to forms within their groups and ability to download submitted content.
  • Unpublished content is displaying:
    • User is unable to edit newsfeed articles. A number of old nodes have started to showing up in newsfeed even after they are changed to draft mode.
    • When user tries to edit these nodes, this error message is displayed: This content is now locked by you against simultaneous editing. This content will remain locked if you navigate away from this page without saving or unlocking it."
    • When user tries to break the lock, they either get an error message that indicates the content has been locked by another user or they get a "Content Unavailable" error message as follows: "Apologies. It looks like you don't have access to this page or section of the university website. – Error code: 403."