Creating and Editing Web Pages

The page content type is the most basic type of content in our Content Management System.

After signing in to the Drupal Content Management System:

  • Create a new page: Click 'Shortcuts' in the upper user menu band, then 'Add Content' and finally 'Page'
  • Edit an existing page: Navigate to the page in your web browser and click the 'New Draft' link at the top of the body content.
  • Edit a draft of an page: From the upper user menu band, select 'My Account' and then click 'View profile'. Click 'Edit' on the page you want to edit under the 'Drafts' section of this page.

Title and Header Information

Screenshot highlighting where the page title, page header an
The page information fields manage the title and taglines of your page.

  • Page Heading: The first header of the page's content.
  • Page Title: The title of the page in the browser window.
  • Tag Line: Creates a subtitle/tag line that populates a line of text directly below the page header. This field is optional and if left blank, no tag line will be added.


Editing the Page's Content