Right Aside List of Articles and Events

Figure 1. Sample Articles or Events List
A new option has been added to add a list of articles or events as a right aside content on your site's main page.

  1. To add the latest news or upcoming events, click on New Draft.
  2. Click on the Aside Content tab.
  3. In the right Right Sidebar section, click the Add Views Widget button to add a list view of articles or events. content types.
    Figure 2. Add Views Widget button.
  4. Enter a relevant title to your articles or events list. e.g., "Latest News", "Latest Articles", "Upcoming Events", etc...
    Figure 3. Enter a title for the list.
  5. By default, the List of Articles is already selected by default. If you are adding a list of events, select from the drop down list.
    Figure 4. Drop down list of options
  6. Publish your changes.