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Release 2.19

Published December 20, 2017

Hi Drupal Users,

Today we released an update to the Drupal CMS, these changes are mostly related to accessibility improvements and bug fixes.

However, updates you should be aware of:

  • More News/More Events views: This is a listing of all of your news articles on one page and all events on one page. Articles are filtered in descending order by published date. Events are in ascending order by event date. These views have been created for you by our Web Assistant, Paras Jagani, so if you would like to use these, please follow these steps:
    • Go to your “Groups” tab and “find content” – look for the “More News” and “More Events” pages.
    • Publish these pages and associate it to a menu item. You will need to edit your menu to add this to your navigation.
  • Featured News Carousel:  
    • Update: The awkward spacing will disappear when there isn’t any featured news to display.
  • Embedding videos:
    • Present Functionality: Videos can be directly embedded using the Video filter in text editor. The video filter provides a form with field URL, WIDTH, HEIGHT, ALIGN, AUTOPLAY. On publishing the content, the video is embedded on the page in an iframe.
    • Issue:  The iframe was not accessible (no title attribute nor iframe tag) and the video was rendered with 100% width.
    • Update: Now the video filter form has a title field which content editors need to populate. After submitting the form, this filed will now be seen as part of the shortcode. Also, the width and height will follow the assigned dimesions.

NOTE: For IE and Safari user, the title field is not getting inserted into the shortcode, even though the field is present in the video filter form. IE and Safari users can manually add the title in the shortcode (anywhere before and after an attribute with a space) as shown below and then save the content.

We have also added step by step instructions on how to create a web form. Please check out the training manual on the CMS website for more helpful tips.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!