Naming Conventions for Images/Documents

Have you ever found yourself looking for a particular image in the image library? To make it easier and more efficient for yourself and other content editors using the file library, follow the naming patterns below:

  • banner_shortsitename_descriptivename.jpg - Banners
  • content_shortsitename_descriptivename.jpg - Images the appear in the body content
  • accordion_shortsitename_descriptivename.jpg - Images within the accordion
  • aside_shortsitename_descriptivename.jpg - Paragraphs - Right Aside
  • aside_video_shortsitename_descriptivename.jpg - Video PopUp Thumbnail
  • profile_shortsitename_descriptivename.jpg - Profile Image
  • document_shortsitename_title.pdf - PDFs, Word Docs, Excel, etc...

The first part of the filename is the location where they will appear. This will give other users a clue as to the dimensions of that particular image if they want to reuse it. The next part is a shortened version of the site name where the image was first uploaded. The third is something that is descriptive enough to tell other users what the image is about. Example: banner_coe_robots.jpg -- this is a banner image from College of Engineering featuring robots.

NOTE: Please ensure that you upload files to the group's directory instead of your user directory. Other content editors in your group/site will be able to see these files in the group directory.