More News and More Events Pages

We have enabled the More News button in the Featured News Carousel. Follow the instructions below to fix any issues you may encounter or to enable the more the news page.

More News/More Events views: This is a listing of all of your news articles on one page and all events on one page. Articles are filtered in descending order by published date. Events are in ascending order by event date. These views have been created for you by our Web Assistant, Paras Jagani, so if you would like to use these, please follow these steps:

  • Go to your “Groups” tab and “find content” – look for the “More News” and “More Events” pages.
    • NOTE: If you don't already have this page, create a new Page content type as you would normally then go to the Embed Views tab and select Articles Page Embed
      Embed View Screenshot
    • Take note of the node/#### ID of the page(s).
  • Publish these pages.We suggest adding them to your menu or a quicklink.
  • On your site's main page, click on Edit Draft.
  • Go to the Group Setting tab. Here you will type in the title of the page that have been created.
    • Since there may a lot of More News and More Events out there. You may find the page but verify that it matches the node/#### ID of the news and events pages.
    • Save your edits.
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