How to Add/Remove Users

Make sure the user has attended one of the Web CMS trainings before giving them access to add/edit content. In the training, the user would have logged in and have created a user account in the Web CMS. If not, have them login, Once they have logged in, go to the homepage of the group/site you manage and follow the steps below:

Add a User

  1. Click the Group tab.
  2. Click the Add People link.
  3. Enter their Campus ID.
  4. Assign their role and click Add users.

NOTE: Please notify with the user's campus ID to ensure that they have the appropriate roles assigned.

Edit/Remove a User

  1. Click the Group tab.
  2. Click the People link.
  3. Click the edit link to modify their role or remove link.

NOTE: Although Employees get automatically removed from Single Sign On (SSO) with separation from campus. Make sure to remove student assistants or employees that have left your offfice or department but still remain on campus.