Honors SOFT Professional SKILLS

Published November 22, 2019

Business Communication Honors Showcase - Student teams present research and ideas on
SOFT (Professional) SKILLS
You are invited to come and listen!

Special guest speakers:

  • Mark Voykovic, Senior Director of Merchandising, Home Depot PRO
  • Brenda Pulido, Academic Advisor for the University Honors Program.

Post-event refreshments and networking Courtesy of the Information Systems Department

You are invited attend the Honors Showcase on Soft (professional) Skills in the College of Business at California State University, Long Beach on Friday, December 6 at 3:30 p .m. in COB 140A (flyer invite attached).  A light snack reception will follow courtesy of the Information Systems Department.

Can students attend?

Your students are invited to attend on a first-come basis.  If you would like for them to show you evidence of their attendance, they will receive a ticket at entry and take a selfie in front of an event backdrop.  These could be presented to you as proof of attendance.  Again, this will be on a first-come basis after all faculty, staff, administrators, and guests are seated.  Although there are about 115 seats, in the event a student cannot be seated, please have a plan for how you will handle the situation with the student.

What is the Showcase about?  

Soft skills are a key part of the new strategic plan for the business college.  The Business Communication Honors Students are excited to share their work with members of our administration, faculty, and students about the importance of soft skills in the workplace and the value to graduate job seekers and employers alike.  

Who will be speaking?

We are honored to have Mark Voykovic, Senior Director of Merchandising for Home Depot PRO (National) and Vincent Norga, Associate Director of University Honors Program, scheduled to address the group.  The Honors students will be presenting their own work.

What will be showcased?

As a part of their Honors Business Communication course,  the students have been researching and preparing reports on the importance of soft skills and ways a college might reinforce these skills prior to student graduation.   

Each student has written an individual analytical report on one soft skill.  You may have been interviewed by one of them.  Now, student teams will present their collective findings and recommendations in presentations on December 6.  The presentations are an organic outgrowth of the usual required IS 301 team report assignment (topic excepted), not completely unlike those assigned in 301 class.  The presentations are not a show or long-rehearsed production; expect students to present as students.  The Showcase is an enrichment activity for the Honors students to promote community engagement, collaboration and teamwork, and their own soft skills.

Please RSVP to Lori.brown@csulb.edu by November 26. 

 If you will be sending/posting the flyer for your students, or if you will be asking for students to produce evidence of attendance, please indicate in your RSVP.