CSULB will encourage compliance through the Breathe Campaign, which reflects a positive educational campaign to promote public awareness of the health risks of tobacco use and exposure to smoking, including vapor.

Breathe Advocates were mobilized during the spring 2016 semester to educate the campus community about the upcoming smoke, vapor, and tobacco-free campus and to increase awareness of the cessation resources that are available.  Breathe Advocates received a Certificate of Completion after completing an online training with the California Youth Advocacy Network. Based on evidence-based practices from other universities that have implemented smoke and/or tobacco-free policies, Breathe Advocates completed additional in-person trainings to prepare them to be compassionate, professional, and educated leaders in their pursuit of promoting a healthier campus. If you would like to learn more about future Breathe Advocate internship opportunities, please email tftf@csulb.edu.

Many colleges and universities find that they do not need to enforce the policy if they encourage compliance through educational campaigns. If education and increased awareness of the availability of cessation services does not result in increased compliance, the University has the authority to issue citations to individuals violating the smoke, vapor, and tobacco-free policy. Under state law, public colleges and universities can determine if they want to fine violators and, if so, the amount of the fine; not to exceed $100. Collected funds can be allocated to include, but not limited to, the designated enforcement agency, education and promotion of the policy, and tobacco cessation treatment options.