Undergraduate STEM Research Grants


Asian American, Native American and Pacific Islander (AANAPI) Student Success Center & Development (ASCEND) Program

AANAPISI Site: California State University, Long Beach (CSULB)

U.S. Department of Education – AANAPISI Grant Part A

Opened until all grants awarded.

To apply, please complete the ASCEND STEM Research Support Grant Application

The 2022-2023 ASCEND STEM research support grant application for spring 2023 and summer 2023 are currently open until fund is fully exhausted. ASCEND program addresses needs to elevate research experience by offering $2,000 ASCEND research grant coupled with $500 research materials and supplies to assist student academic retention and success. Students need to develop a research plan with their research advisor prior to applying for the ASCEND research support. Undergraduate students pursuing an undergraduate degree in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines, that most benefit from the ASCEND research support are encouraged to apply. A total of 6 research support available for qualified students during this 2022-2023 cycle.


  • Undergraduate students with STEM majors from College of Business (COB), College of Health and Human Services (CHHS), College of Liberal Arts (CLA), College of Natural Science and Mathematics (CNSM), and College of Engineering (COE).
  • Junior or senior status and must graduate within 2 years after receiving ASCEND research support.
  • Minimum overall combined cumulative GPA of 2.9.

How to apply:

  1. Complete the online ASCEND STEM Research Support Grant Application
  2. Degree planner until Spring 2024 (Degree planner template)
  3. A letter of recommendation from research advisor describing applicant’s qualifications as well as advisor’s commitment to mentor the student.
  4. Statement of ASCEND research support grant impacts toward student’s success and ASCEND-AANAPISI program’s missions. This statement should include:
    • needs for ASCEND research support to enhance student academic and future success and impacts of ASCEND research support grant once awarded (maximum 150 words).
    • academic and research goals. How does the ASCEND research support enhance students to achieve these goals? What would happen if students did not receive the ASCEND research support? (maximum 150 words)
    • potential to enhance ASCEND: AANAPISI’s missions. One of ASCEND: AANAPISI grant’s missions is to enhance equity, diversity, and inclusion toward Asian American, Native American and Pacific Islander (AANAPI) populations in STEM research community. (maximum 150 words)
  5. Applicants must provide a consent for ASCEND research support grant review committee to obtain student academic records on CSULB system.

Review Criteria:

  1. Research needs justification.
  2. Impacts of ASCEND research support toward student’s goals and success.
  3. Potential to advance ASCEND-AANAPISI missions as well as ability to enhance equity, diversity, and inclusion on CSULB STEM research environment.
  4. Ability to achieve and complete their proposed research plan.
  5. Quality of application package
  6. Letter of recommendation and commitment.

Award Requirements:

     Once the research support is disbursed, ASCEND scholarship awardees

  1. must complete their research within one year after the support is disbursed.
  2. must disseminate research at a conference and/or publish your research findings.
  3. are highly recommended taking Asian American, Native American or Pacific Islander relevant General Educational courses (G.E. foundation, G.E. exploration or upper division G.E.) within one year after receiving ASCEND scholarship.
    If students have enrolled in one of suggested G.E. courses, students are not required to take an additional course if the students have taken or are taking one of the following courses. The courses under the following course prefixes are considered:
    • American Indian Studies (AIS)
    • Asian & Asian American Studies (AAAS)
    • Asian American Studies (ASAM)
    • Asian Studies (A/ST)
    • Cambodian (KHMR)
    • Chinese (CHIN)
    • Filipino (FIL)
    • Japanese (JAPN)
    • Korean (KOR)
    • Vietnamese (VIET)
  4. are required to complete at least one ASCEND professional and leadership workshops.
  5. must meet their academic advisor after the research support is awarded to balance classwork and research’s responsibilities.
  6. must grant ASCEND team permission to track student’s academic performance to evaluate ASCEND’s impacts towards student’ success.
  7. must complete annual ASCEND evaluation and survey forms.
  8. must agree to be included in the ASCEND email list and ASCEND Discord Server.
  9. must agree to share their name and CSULB ID to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to verify the award allowance.

Questions? For more information, please visit our ASCEND: AANAPISI website. If you have questions about the ASCEND scholarship applications, please feel free to contact us at ASCEND.AANAPISI@csulb.edu


The ASCEND program eliminates barriers, gender, race, national origin, color, disability, or age and assures equitable access to, and participation in the program.