ASCEND: AANAPI Student Success Center & Development program

The ASCEND Program, short for Asian-American and Native American Pacific Islander Student Success Center & Development, is a dedicated initiative designed to cultivate a nurturing, fair, and empowering learning environment on campus. Its primary aim is to encourage all members of the university community to actively participate in academic excellence and champion social justice, ultimately leading to student success and shaping the future of the University.

Funded by the US Department of Education for five years, commencing in 2022, ASCEND is strategically aligned with the priorities outlined by the funding agency. Specifically, it focuses on Competitive Preference Priority I, addressing students' social, emotional, and academic needs. Competitive Preference Priority II, which centers on enhancing access, affordability, completion, and post-enrollment success in postsecondary education.

We anticipate that over 2,000 targeted students will benefit from the ASCEND program's support, particularly in STEM success. This includes hundreds of students who will have their educational and living expenses directly subsidized throughout the five-year project period.

Notably, the launch of Project Resilience, spearheaded by the Department of Asian Studies, took place on campus in Fall 2021 as part of the existing AANAPISI grantee (Part F). The ASCEND program (Part A) builds upon and amplifies the missions of AANAPISI at CSULB by expanding services to have a more profound impact on participants in need.