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Patrick Cuaresma

Published November 29, 2018

My Beach Experience

My Beach experience has been a great one. All of the professors are really helpful and nice. I have learned a lot from them and I feel prepared to become a great teacher. The organizations on campus have also made my experience worthwhile. I have made lifelong friends since I joined CSULB Circle K International . I have created a positive impact on the community through the volunteering we have done as an organization.

My Path to CSULB

After I graduated from San Diego State, I applied for CSULB’s teaching credential program. I was accepted into the program and have enjoyed my experience at CSULB ever since.

Life after The Beach. What is next after school?

I will hopefully become a high school history teacher and be able to help demonstrate my learnings for CSULB.

Why did you get involved with the myBeach program and Alumni?

I got involved in the program because I wanted to help further enhance my Beach Experience. 

What does it mean for you to give back and donate through the BPT?

The alumni association continuously provides resources for alums and students. It means I can help others enjoy their Beach experience just as I did.