Accessible Instructional Materials Center

The Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM) Center, part of the Bob Murphy Access Center (BMAC), is a technology and accessibility resource lab that provides support and services for students with disabilities, faculty, staff, and the campus community. The Center is an open access computer lab for students with disabilities registered with BMAC and provides alternative media and assistive technology support for students who qualify for these accommodations. Students registered with BMAC may also receive access to a study room in the University Library’s lower level area as part of their approved accommodations. The Center also provides one-on-one trainings, BeachBoard modular trainings, accessibility resources, captioning support, and group demonstration sessions for students, faculty, staff, and campus partners who wish to develop their knowledge and skills in the use of assistive technology and accessible digital content.

The AIM Center works in partnership with multiple campus partners to ensure that all documents are made accessible as well as the University Library’s e-reserves instructional materials. If you need assistance with remediating your documents, please contact the AIM Center at