Staff Council

Staff Council actively supports the mission of the University and seeks to develop, maintain, and encourage positive relationships and communications with our campus community, friends, and neighbors. Staff Council is concerned with the interests of staff on issues not covered by collective bargaining. Learn more about us in our Constitution and Bylaws.

Learn about becoming a Staff Council Representative!

All CSULB Staff are Welcome!  You are not required to be an official Representative to attend Staff Council meetings or events. We encourage you to participate, get to know campus colleagues and learn about resources, regardless of your membership status.

What does Staff Council do? Staff Council has multiple functions:

  • Plans staff professional development opportunities and social events for networking and team building.
  • Maintains close relations with the campus President who attends the Staff Council meetings (schedule permitting).
  • Facilitates elections and/or assists with appointments to important, prestigious committees such as executive search committees, Student Fee Advisory Committee, Distinguished Alumni Nomination Committee, University Resource Council, International Education Committee, etc.

Being a Representative of the Staff Council or participating in our events is a great way to meet colleagues and become familiar with campus resources. Not only does this enhance your own professional and personal development, but the connections you make will also benefit your team, department, shop, or unit! 

Join us in making CSULB a positive and rewarding work environment!  

Alessandro Russo
Administrative Analyst/Specialist, 
Department of Economics

Vice Chair
Ann Kinsey
Assistant to Academic Senate Chair, 
Academic Senate

Laura Emery
Communications Specialist
Academic Technology Services

Julie Woods
Fiscal Analyst
College of the Arts, Dean's Office

Sharon Olson
International Education


Jeff Scott
Assistant Athletic Director, Ticketing

Colleen Ryan
Sr. Academic Affairs Facilities Specialist

Past Officers & Committee Chairs



Staff Affairs Council began in 1969 and held its first meeting in January of 1970.


The instituting of collective bargaining caused the council to disband in 1983.


In the early 1990s, staff employees felt the need for a body to deal with staff issues outside of collective bargaining, and through the efforts of the staff Academic Senators and several other long-time staff members, the Staff Council was reborn. The development of CSULB's 'new' council took approximately two years, with the approval of by-laws and procedural items working their way through the proper channels. During the process, faculty members were very encouraging.


The first meeting of the new group was held on April 16, 1992, led by staff Academic Senators Sharon Olson, Gloria Carver, Mikell Morrison, Jeanette Norton, and Judy Swan. Kathy Billing, a former staff Academic Senator, and the university's thesis reviewer served as the Council's first chair for the 1992-93 academic year.


The Mission Statement was approved on Thursday, June 13, 1996, at Staff Council Meeting No. 49.