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Mission Statement

The Mission of Staff Council is to actively support the role of the University and to develop, maintain and encourage positive relationships and communications with our campus community, friends and neighbors. Approved on Thursday, June 13, 1996, Staff Council Meeting No. 49.


Staff Affairs Council began in 1969 and held its first meeting in January of 1970. The instituting of collective bargaining caused the council to disband in 1983. In the early 1990's, staff employees felt the need for a body to deal with staff issues outside of collective bargaining and through the efforts of the staff Academic Senators and several other long-time staff members, the Staff Council was reborn. The development of CSULB's 'new' council took approximately two years, with the approval of by-laws and procedural items working their way through the proper channels. During the process, faculty were very encouraging. The first meeting of the new group was held April 16, 1992 led by staff Academic Senators Sharon Olson, Gloria Carver, Mikell Morrison, Jeanette Norton and Judy Swan. Kathy Billing, a former staff Academic Senator and the university's thesis reviewer, served as the council's first chair for the 1992-93 academic year. Of the 23 CSU campuses, four others have a Staff Council.


All CSULB staff employees, managers (except those with academic retreat rights), and staff of CSULB auxiliaries (the CSULB Foundation, Associated Students, and Forty-Niner Shops) who are employed on a half-time basis, or more, with an initial appointment of at least six months or more are eligible to serve as a representative to the Council. Each organizational unit shall be entitled to one (1) representative for each twenty-five (25) eligible staff members or fraction thereof. Each organizational unit elects representatives for 3 years terms beginning in June. Representatives who are unable to attend a regular or special meeting may appoint a staff pro tem person from their area who will have full voting and speaking privileges*.

Elected officers consist of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member-at-large (2) and elected by and among current Staff Council representatives. Elected officers serve a one-year term and may serve more than one consecutive term though may be subject to term limits*.

Standing committees consist of Nominating Committee, Special Events Committee, Staff Development Committee, Membership Committee, Bylaws, Policy and Procedure Committee, and Ways and Means Committee. The Chairs of standing committees must be current representatives of Staff Council while the remaining membership may be any interested staff member*.

The Executive Committee consists of elected officers, committee chairs, parliamentarian, and non-voting ex-officio members*.

(*Please refer to Staff Council Constitution and Bylaws)

Meetings and Agenda Items

Staff Council generally meets on the second Friday of the month from 8:30am to 10am from September to June and does not meet in July, and August. All staff is encouraged to attend. If there is a particular topic of interest on the agenda, guests are encouraged. Staff, who are not representatives, are not eligible to vote but should sign in so their attendance can be included in the minutes. If you have ideas/suggestions for a future speaker, please direct them to the Executive Committee or the current Staff Council Chair. The Staff Council works toward keeping staff informed and involved in the university.