Our Shared Responsibility

Published April 30, 2024

Dear OneBeach Community,

There is much to protest in these times as inhumane acts are being perpetrated across the globe. My focus is on keeping everyone at The Beach safe and free to pursue their academic, social, professional, and personal goals. Our responsibility to each other is to create a secure campus that allows for learning, relationship building, and personal development in its many forms. 

Much chaos is evident at campuses in California and across the nation. The desire to speak out against atrocities is noble. Methods of communication, however, that interfere with the rights of others, damage public property, and cause physical harm are not consistent with our campus values or California law.

Not all parts of our campus are public forums where protests can occur. The University can and does limit the times and places where expressive activity may occur, and this is especially true for interior spaces where teaching, learning, research, administrative and creative activities are performed. Recall, that freedom of speech is not unlimited and must comply with our Time, Place, and Manner regulations. These view-point neutral regulations apply to all persons on our campus, and they are designed to protect and promote free expression while simultaneously keeping people safe and safeguarding the rights of others. 

FIRE, the respected Foundation for Individuals Rights in Education, recently issued this FAQ for students and others considering campus protests.

As the semester draws to a close, please keep your focus on the welfare of Beach students, faculty, and staff. Inciting violence will not be tolerated. 

Jane Close Conoley, Ph.D.