Message of Concern for the Beach Community

Published October 9, 2023

Dear OneBeach Community,

I write this in the midst of an ongoing tragedy in Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank that intimately affects many in our Beach community. 

The conflict engulfing the region is horrifying, and the loss of innocent lives is heart wrenching. 

The historical roots of this conflict are deep. The prevailing dynamics in the region are complex. We all know that perspectives vary widely when identifying the source of the crisis and ways to move forward.  

But in the face of all this complexity one thing is clear, human life is sacred, and indeed of immeasurable value. An aspiration we can share is, perhaps, that we all wish not only for the absence of conflict but for a lasting and just peace — as elusive as that may seem.

Many in our community may feel great collective and personal sadness. I encourage you to seek support from one another, and as an educational community, discuss your feelings and understanding of the conflict, always with respect, civility and with an appreciation of history and current political realities in the Middle East and beyond.

Students can also take advantage of our campus’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). For faculty and staff, the Empathia Employee Assistance Program is a resource (password: Gobeach).

Over the next horrible days of this conflict many diverse opinions will be shared. Please remember that as a university we have standards of conduct related to the time, place, and manner of public events. I hope none of our public events will glorify violence. I expect sympathy and empathy for all the victims of this war.

Our role as a place to understand history, appreciate diversity of thoughts and backgrounds, stand for peace and against violence, and to find strength in community continues to be at the heart of who we are.

Jane Close Conoley, Ph.D.