K. Benjamin Hagedorn

Benjamin Hagedorn (Klaus B. Hagedorn) is an associate professor and geochemist within the Department of Geological Sciences at California State University, Long Beach.

Hagedorn’s research is on the processes that control groundwater recharge and the interaction between groundwater and surface water reservoirs. He is particularly interested in the fluvial transfer of inorganic carbon from continental reservoirs to the ocean and how urban and agricultural development can impact that transfer. He also studies silicate lithologies to recognize the mineralogical effects of chemical weathering that can sequester atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Hagedorn also oversees the Signal Hill Environmental Geochemistry Research Laboratory. He continually communicates with scientists and the public on the effects climate change has on water resources and environmental pollution. His research on environmental forensics (contaminant fingerprinting) documents the resilience of ecosystems such as wetlands or coral reefs to a changing hydrologic cycle.

Hagedorn holds a doctorate from the School of Geosciences, Monash University, Melbourne Australia, and a Master of Science in Geology from the Geological Institute, RWTH University, Aachen, Germany.

To see his work, visit his website: https://benjaminhagedorn.wixsite.com/research-profile