Il Postino

Fall 2019

Below you'll find Dr. Donato's introduction to the Fall 2019 issue of Il Postino, the Graziadio Center's semesterly newsletter. To read the rest of this semester's issue, visit the Il Postino tumblr page or download it in PDF format!

A Message from Dr. Donato

Dear Friends of the Graziadio Center, CSULB,

It is truly an honor to write to you this Fall about all of the things the Center has been up to over the past year and has planned for the 2019-2020 academic year.  First of all, let’s focus on the great news about our program and our students!

2019 is a year to be remembered, for in 2019, the MA program in Italian Studies at CSULB was recognized by Chancellor Tim White as an official program after a successful five-year pilot. His letter of February 6, 2019, read as follows:

“The Division of Academic and Student Affairs has reviewed the proposal to convert the California State University, Long Beach Master of Arts degree program in Italian Studies from pilot to permanent status.  This degree appears on the campus Academic Plan as approved by the California State University Board of Trustees…Upon recommendation of my staff, I am pleased to grant permanent approval for California State University to offer the state-supported Master of Arts degree program in Italian Studies, effective fall 2019.”

Anyone who knows me is well aware of how much this letter meant to me.  From the time I set foot on this campus in 1988, it had been a goal to establish a graduate program in Italian Studies.  There is no way to thank the many, many people over the years who have been doing all of the things that are required for a new program to launch and I am not even going to try.  However, you can be assured that the program has been scrutinized and studied from all possible angles to ensure its viability for students and its role and place in the education plan for citizens of the State of California.

During our five-year pilot status which ran from Fall 2014 to Spring 2019, we offered new courses and graduated the following list of outstanding students, our first cohorts of students graduating with the MA degree in Italian Studies.  

  • Lucia Rovetta (Fall ’15)
  • Arash Davarian (Spring ’16)
  • Alessandro Russo (Spring ’16)
  • Kiawna Brewster (Fall ’16)
  • Raffaella Creal (Fall ’16)
  • Marilyn Anania (Spring ’17)
  • Manuel Romero (Spring ’17)
  • Patricia Scarfone (Spring ’17)
  • Silvia Stefania (Spring ’17)
  • Yubeli Urrea (Spring ’17)
  • Elizabeth Chan (Spring ’18)
  • Patricia Holbrook (Spring ’18)
  • Homa Mayani (Spring ’18)
  • Horacio Ochoa (Spring ’18)
  • Daniela Pino (Spring ’18)
  • Lourdes Renteria (Spring ’18)
  • Mary Caputi (Spring ’19)
  • Breanna Campos (Spring ’19)
  • Francesca Ricciardelli (Spring ’19)
  • Giacomo Sproccati (Summer ’19)

We are proud of you and your accomplishments!  You have paved the way of excellence for future generations of MA students in Italian Studies at CSULB!

Bravissime e Bravissimi!!!

Clorinda Donato