Emeriti & Retired Faculty and Staff (ERFAS)

CSULB Emeriti & Retired Faculty and Staff (CSULB-ERFAS) provides opportunities for maintaining professional relations with colleagues; works to address concerns and preserve the rights and benefits of emeriti and retired faculty and staff; provides a voice for retired faculty and staff through an elected representative to the Academic Senate; and, keeps up-to-date with the statewide organization, CSU Emeritus and Retired Faculty and Staff Association (CSU-ERFSA), which protects the rights of retired California State University faculty and staff.

Maintain your connection to California State University, Long Beach; join CSU-ERFSA today! You'll automatically become a member of the CSULB-ERFAS.




Copies of proposed Bylaw and Constitution changes are under Resources on the ERFAS Website.


If you are an emeritus or retired faculty or staff member from another CSU campus and live near CSULB, you are most welcome to join us.

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