What is Equitable Textbook Access?

Equitable Textbook Access (ETA) is a textbook access program at CSULB that provides students with access to all their required textbooks at one price, on the first day of classes each semester. ETA is a digital-first program, delivering textbooks in a digital format through Canvas, whenever available.

CSULB Equitable Textbook Access is based on the Equitable Access model promoted by the CSU Chancellors Office's Affordable Learning Solutions.

Starting in Fall 2024, ETA will offer instant access to all required textbooks for a flat rate. Our current estimate is $250 per semester for full-time students and $165 per semester for part-time students.

Student participation in the program is voluntary. All students are enrolled upon class registration and can choose to opt out by the last day to add or drop classes without approval, if they prefer.

Achieving Student Success Through

Word art with Access Affordability Equity Sustainability Convenience.
Access Students now arrive to campus with day-one access to all their textbooks.
Affordability One low, predictable flat rate significantly increases affordability and positively affects academic outcomes. Covered by financial aid.
Equity A flat-rate textbook model creates equity among students by charging the same per-term price, regardless of major.
Sustainability The digital-first model will substantially reduce our carbon footprint through decreased printing and shipping of physical books. The average carbon footprint of producing a single printed book is 3 kg CO2, which is roughly the same amount produced from driving 7.5 miles in a car.

Textbooks automatically move with students in Canvas as courses are added and dropped, saving time and money.

How Does Equitable Textbook Access Work?

All required textbooks will be listed in students' Canvas class pages through the MyTextbooks Hub sidebar navigation.

As a digital-first program, any textbook that is available digitally will be delivered through Canvas. If a book is not available in a digital format, a physical copy can be picked up at the University Bookstore.

  • E-books will be delivered through VitalSource, our campus digital provider partner.
  • Courseware (assigned platforms) will be delivered through the publisher courseware tools which link to external publisher websites. E-texts usually come with the courseware and will be included on the publishers' platform.
  • Any physical textbooks that show available for pickup can be picked up inside the University Bookstore at the Book Information counter.

Students will be charged with the flat rate before classes begin but have until the last day to add or drop classes without approval to opt out if they choose not to participate.

  • Check Enrollment Services Key Dates and Deadlines for the exact opt-out deadline each semester.
  • Students who opt out will lose access to the materials provided through the program and will not be charged. Student who paid the charge during registration and opt out will receive a refund towards the end of the add/drop period. 
  • Any student who stays opted in will retain access to the required textbooks.