From elementary school through high school, students are provided with their textbooks and are guaranteed access to critical learning materials on the first day of class. Traditionally, college life has not been structured this way.  Students are on their own to secure their textbooks, and the process of identifying the required materials, shopping for the best prices, and making sure students have them ready for the first day of class is chaotic.

A national study of nearly 6,000 college students conducted in 2020 found that 65% skipped out on buying at least one of their required textbooks because they couldn’t afford it, even though they knew it might affect their grade in the class.

D1TA looks to address this critical problem and will provide students with day-one access to their textbooks, making sure they aren’t disadvantaged in their classes due to the cost of materials. UC Davis was the first to implement a program like this in 2019, and early studies on this model’s effectiveness have shown increased course completion rates, particularly for traditionally underserved students at both two- and four-year colleges and universities.

Student participation in the program is voluntary. All students are enrolled upon class registration and can choose to opt out by the last day to add or drop classes without approval, if they prefer. Other campuses in California who have implemented similar programs have high levels of student participation, with increases seen each year.

  • D1TA’s flat rate approach to course materials establishes a consistent and predictable cost for students ($250 per semester for full-time undergraduates), making it easier for students and families to budget for the cost of attendance each semester.
  • All required textbooks will be provided digitally, where available, directly through Canvas on the first day of class (if not earlier). Books that aren’t available digitally can be picked up from the University Bookstore at no extra charge. The flat price also includes textbook homework platforms that are used to complete assignments.
  • At CSULB, on average 1.5 books are required per class (for classes that require books), and the average per class cost of those materials is $125. At these prices, students who have more than two classes that require books would benefit from this program.