Strategic Communications maintains a central library of existing university images. You can request access to view or download a photo gallery by emailing If the images available for download do not meet your needs, Strategic Communications will consider requests for new photography based on current workload; notice provided; whether or not the photography is part of a broader communications project being managed by Strategic Communications and whether or not the photography request has enough all-university strategic value.

You may submit a request by filling out this form:

If a department or a center, please include division or college above.
(if different than requester)
If this request is for an event, please provide date and time. Format: mm/dd/yy HH:mm am/pm
Provide the date when you need the photo by. Format: mm/dd/yy
Give us a brief description on this type of photo assignment. You can let us know what it is being used for and where you want it to go. For events, let us know the name of the event, approximate number of guests, if there are special guests you want us to focus on, or moments you want to be sure we capture.
Anything you want to share with us so that we can produce the best photos for your shoot; that information should go here. Think about the location, is it outside, are there lighting issues, is a backdrop required? How you will be using the photo is helpful too, for example is this going on your website, is it going to be used in printed publications, etc.

Photo Release