Requesting Alternative Formats in MYBMAC


Alternative Media is the conversion of textbooks and course materials into an accessible format for students with qualifying disabilities. If you are a BMAC student who has been approved for alternative formats by a BMAC specialist, you may request your approved format/formats by following the steps outlined on this page.

For more information on alternative formats and other AIM Center services please visit the AIM Center Home Page

Important !!

The AIM Center will be replacing contracts and agreement forms with digital E-Forms in MyBMAC. You must agree to these electronic forms before you can complete any of the following steps. Your MyBMAC profile will automatically notify you and prompt you to agree.

Once you have been approved for alternative formats, requesting your textbooks in your desired format follows similar steps requesting your other accommodations. In order to request your formats you will have to complete the following steps.

  • Log into MyBMAC with the SSO chiclet.
  • Select alternative formats on the lower left-hand side of the screen.
  • Choose which course you are selecting formats for.
  • Select the book you have purchased from the list at the top of the screen OR Request additional materials.
  • Provide any receipts.

Please note that we cannot start production on your request until you upload your receipt to verify that the book listed is the appropriate edition/version of the book you have purchased. If you have purchased a previous edition of a book that is not selectable from the list, please use the additional material request area of your accommodations.

If you have any questions, please email us at:

Before You Begin:

  • This page is designed to provide multiple ways to access the instructions. The video tutorials found here contain the same information in the text outlines that follow.
  • Please verify that the book listed is the edition that you purchased, if you purchased a previous edition please use the additional materials request area on the alternative formats page.

Alternative Format Instructional Video - All Parts


* Tutorial information in text outline can be referenced in the individual step outlines on this page