Faculty & Staff

The AIM Center is dedicated to supporting faculty and staff in creating accessible instructional materials by providing trainings and resources on accessibility. In compliance with the Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) and Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the AIM Center’s Faculty Resource Center is committed to ensuring that instructional materials are translated and/or converted into an accessible format for all students regardless of disability. The Center also uses the principles and guidelines of Universal Design to encourage accessible methods throughout a student's academic career and fosters student success for all learning styles and learning environments.

Faculty with a student with a qualifying disability are encouraged to contact the AIM Center to assist with making their course materials accessible. Furthermore, faculty with a deaf and hard of hearing student enrolled in their courses may contact the Center for assistance in facilitating captioning for videos and other media content as well as producing transcripts. Please send all requests for assistance to aimc@csulb.edu.

The AIM Center also works closely with campus staff to ensure that departmental resource materials are made accessible. Our services include developing accessible fillable forms, checking for accessibility issues for department documents, and translating leaflets, flyers, and other content distributed to the campus in hard copy Braille, electronically or on the web.

The following resources are available for faculty and staff:

  • 1:1 Trainings with faculty and staff in making course materials and content accessible
  • Verifying that BeachBoard content is accessible
  • BeachBoard ATI Modular courses:
    • ATI Modular Training Microsoft Word
    • ATI Modular Training Microsoft PowerPoint
    • ATI Modular Training Adobe Acrobat PDF
    • ATI Modular Training Copyright
  • Training manuals for MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, and Copyright
  • Accessible Syllabus Template
  • Verifying Department websites and links for accessibility concerns and providing feedback
  • Captioning requests for faculty with a deaf and hard of hearing student enrolled in their courses
  • Remediation services for faculty with a confirmed student with a qualifying disability enrolled in their courses
  • Document and form remediation for campus partners
  • Transcripts for videos and podcasts

Please see our Accessibility Resources Page for available resources.

If you would like to enroll in the BeachBoard ATI Modular courses, please register via our form.

BeachBoard Accessibility Course Enrollment Form