Proposition 13

Proposition 13 IconIn March 2020, California voters will consider authorizing a $15 billion bond that will benefit public schools and colleges, of which the California State University system would receive $2 billion.

This bond measure would be used to improve school and college facilities that are in disrepair, prioritizing projects that address fire and safety issues, including earthquake retrofitting.

The proposition is not related to the 1978 proposition codified into California’s constitution that protected California homeowners’ property tax rate.

At Cal State Long Beach, the measure would fund new facilities for the College of Health and Human Services, co-locating health and wellness programs, providing clinical space for students and benefitting the community at-large. Without a state revenue bond, new campus facilities will be built as funding is made available.

The measure would also fund renovations at other CSUs. More than half of the system’s buildings are at least 40 years old and about a third are at least 50 years old. Funds would be also be used to expand the CSU’s physical capacity to serve more students.