Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program

The Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program (CDIP) aims to increase the number of individuals who demonstrate potential as doctoral students and who may be interested in applying for future CSU instructional faculty positions.

This exemplary program has been in existence for over 20 years and has resulted in the hiring of over 600 CSU faculty members in a wide range of disciplines. Currently, more than 50 CSULB faculty members are former recipients of this competitive award.

Chancellor Doctoral Incentive Program Fellows:

  • Receive mentorship from a CSULB faculty member to (a) support completion of their doctoral studies and (b)develop their potential for employment as a CSU faculty member;
  • Have access to three CDIP grant programs:
    • Mini-Grants: up to $2500 for collaborative activities and research-dissertation activities (e.g., research supplies, small equipment, computer programs, software, books, journal subscriptions)
    • Travel Grants: up to $1,500 in travel funds to participate in professional meetings, conferences, and workshops (mentors are also eligible for $1500 in travel funds!)
    • Dissertation Fellowships: up to $5,000  in funds to support the completion of doctoral studies in the final year of the dissertation
  • Can choose to receive a loan of up to $10,000 per year for three years (max. $30,000), which will be forgiven at 20% per year for each year of fulltime postdoctoral teaching employment in the CSU.


Applicants must be ONE of the following:

  • New or continuing full-time doctoral student currently enrolled in an accredited program in the U.S., 
  • Undergraduate and master’s level graduate students (CSU students included) in the process of applying to an accredited doctoral program in the U.S., or 
  • Lecturer (including current CSU lecturer) enrolled full-time in a doctoral program 

Applicants are not required to have attended a CSU for eligibility.

Applicants in professional doctoral degree programs (e.g., EdD) may apply only if

o   They are not in or applying to a CSU EdD program,

o   The doctoral program’s mission explicitly includes preparation and training of future university faculty members, 

o   They can present evidence that graduates of the program have become faculty members at the CSU or comparable universities, and 

o   The doctoral degree is in a discipline in which they are currently teaching as a lecturer or will be teaching as a lecturer.

 The Application 

Applicants apply online through InfoReady by February 15, 2023 for the 23-24 academic year; CSULB’s internal deadline is Feb. 1st. Here are the components:  

  1. Application Form (found in InfoReady)
  2. Curriculum Vitae (4 pages max) 
  3. Statement of Qualifications and Motivation (3 pages max) 
  4. Collaborative Plan of Support, co -constructed with their CSULB Faculty Mentor (faculty mentor must be tenured or tenure-track). The plan must be for the duration of the CDIP fellowship
  5. Two letters of recommendation; one letter must be from the CSULB Faculty Mentor (they will receive an email to upload their letter directly to InfoReady; a current email address of the referee is required) 
  6. A recent CSU faculty position announcement in their general field 

Applications are to be completed and submitted electronically only after the campus coordinator reviews the draft. The draft application components (with the exception of the recommendation letters) will need to be submitted for review by no later than February 1st. The campus coordinator will provide feedback and will then send the link to InfoReady to qualified applicants for the applicant to submit their final application and documents. You can reach out to the campus coordinator to set up an appointment.

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Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program