Graduate Awards 2022-2023

Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Scholars 2022-2023

The Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Scholar Program is designed to assist students in preparing to enter PhD doctoral programs.  This outstanding opportunity has helped many former CSULB students open the door to doctoral study – some of whom are now professors at CSULB or other universities.

CSULB receives $3,000 from the Chancellor’s Office for each student who is selected as a Pre-Doctoral Scholar.  These funds are designed to enable the Scholar to travel to Ph.D.-granting institutions and professional meetings anywhere in United States.  Other eligible expenses include membership costs in professional organizations, applications fees, and other costs in applying to a doctoral program.  In addition, each Pre-Doctoral Scholar will have an opportunity to apply for a summer grant to work on an approved research program, typically at a University of California campus.  Each student applying to the Pre-Doctoral Program must select a CSU faculty sponsor who will be available to work with the student during the 2019-20 academic year in implementing a plan to prepare the student for enrollment in a doctoral program.


Scholars Faculty Mentor
Antonio Arreguin Dr. Maryam Haddad
Guadalupe Barragan Dr. Sarah Arroyo
Jordie Conde Dr. Jonathan O'Brien
Emily Doffing Dr. Danielle Kohfeldt
Destiny Gilliland Dr. Karissa Miller
Ashley Guerrero Dr. Gary Hytrek
Julaina Juarez Dr. Jacob Olsen
Stephen Kooshian Dr. Caitlin Murdock
Fanuel Mendez Dr. Andreas Bill
Evelyn Ortiz Soto Dr. Kathryn Perkins
Thomas Page Dr. Courtney Ahrens
Taryn Thrasher Dr. Dennis Lopez
Tanner Whitlow Dr. Nick Laskowski

Graduate Equity Fellowship 2022-23

The Graduate Equity Fellowship (GEF) provides financial support to master’s and doctoral students who contribute to diversity, advance equity, and/or promote the public good in their field of studyeither via scholarship, research, and creative efforts or via active engagement in programs or activities. The Dean of Graduate Studies annually awards approximately two Graduate Equity Fellows per college, to those students who have been nominated by a faculty member and received the support of the College Dean or designee.

Fellow Graduate Program
Michelle Castillo MS Biochemistry
Genecy Chopin MS Criminology & Criminal Justice

Jack Hanson

MS Chemical Engineering
Anise Mansour MS Physics
Tuyet-Suong Nguyen MS Counseling, SDHE
Andriana Niederecker MA Linguistics, Language Documentation & Description
Alitzah Oros MA Art emphasis in Art History 
Ariane Mica  Segismundo MA Speech-Language Pathology
Shayan Sheikhrezaei PhD Engineering & Computational Math
Evelyn Soto MA Political Science
Azuki Umeda MFA Dance
Aimee Vaquera EdD Higher Ed. Leadership

Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program Scholars 2022-23

The California State University (CSU) Chancellor’s Doctoral Incentive Program (CDIP) provides an opportunity for exceptional students interested in working as scholars and teachers in the CSU to receive comprehensive support during their doctoral studies. The CSU has an ambitious goal of increasing graduation rates for all students while eliminating opportunity and achievement gaps. Fundamental to meeting this goal is supporting efforts to create a qualified and diverse faculty to meet the needs of the most ethnically and economically diverse student body in the nation. Since 1987, CDIP has supported 2,455 fellows pursuing doctoral degrees with mentoring, financial support, and professional development opportunities. Over 50 faculty members at CSULB were previous CDIP fellows.

CDIP Fellows receive mentorship from a CSULB faculty member to (a) support completion of their doctoral studies and (b) develop their potential for employment as a CSU faculty member.  They also have access to three CDIP grant opportunities (i.e., mini-grants, travel grants, and dissertation fellowships) and a loan that is forgivable at 20% per year of fulltime postdoctoral teaching in the CSU.


Scholar Diciplin/Degree PhD Program Faculty Mentor
Kimberly Sanchez Public Health/Disparities/PhD University of California, Merced Dr. Melawhy Garcia
Kaitlyn Stormes Education, Higher Ed/Org Change/PhD University of California,
Los Angeles
Dr. Avery Olson
Jessica Grifaldo Cell & Molecular Biology/ PhD University of Nevada,
Las Vegas
Dr. Paul Buonora