Senior Class Giving: In Dedication


Senior Class Giving

Your time at CSULB has been a journey-- this space is dedicated to those who you would like to thank. 

"I would like to dedicate my senior class gift to my parents. Thank you for always supporting me throughout my four years in college. I love you both!" ~ Robert Anthony Sanchez, Class of 2024

"This dedication goes to Georgie Guevara, Jer-Lynn Reid, and Nour Hamed. I would not have gotten through these classes without their support, encouragement, and teamwork. They made a hard program enjoyable & doable. Thank you so much to these amazing females!" ~ Jen Pino, Class of 2024

"My gift is in dedication to my loving partner, Geralyn Ragunton, who has supported me on all my undergrad endeavors. I couldn't have done this without your support and love.” ~ Mariana Villegas, Class of 2024

"I would like to dedicate my degree to my parents and my brother. I wouldn’t have made it here without them!" ~ Rawan Al Qaisy, Class of 2024