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Campus Update

Fall 2022: CSULB adds several resources across campus

It’s a new academic year, and Cal State Long Beach has added several resources that students, staff and faculty can take advantage of this fall. In addition to the returning Technology Loan Program and expanded outdoor Wi-Fi, campus now offers a new Elbee Chatbot.

President’s Scholars inspire CSULB alumnus to give back

Father Dan was a Catholic priest who spent much of his religious life raising money for scholarships that would enable disadvantaged students to attend college. He helped with his nephew’s college costs at Loyola Marymount. 

Termite treatment at Carpenter Center

Tenting will commence on December 24

The Pyramid receives New Trees

The Camphor trees that surround the Pyramid have been struggling with health problems for many years due to disease and poor soil conditions.

University's Response to COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the university will be offering virtual instruction for the remainder of the spring semester. Most employees will also be working remotely.

Key Milestone Project Dates for the Student Housing project

Key Milestone Project Dates Step Date(s) Mobilize/Soft Demo 7/1/19 Demolition Early August 2019 Start Site Preparation Mid-August 20

Community Outreach Works, Pt. 3

Last month I shared just some of the events, services, and resources on the Long Beach State campus and available to community members. I’d like to add to that list. 

Why Athletics Matter at LBSU

With the financial challenges faced by the university and its students, why do you support Division 1 athletics?

The University in the Community, Part 1

As I see it, the purpose of a university is not only to educate students and create knowledge —although that is its main mission—it is also to serve as a community resource. Cal State Long Beach has a long history of serving our city and our region, and in my next few columns I’ll let you know how we work for the public good.

Courting Friendships

Student-athletes help build a basketball court for Panama youth

Long Beach Trauma Recovery Center Receives $2 Million in Funding

Dr. Bita Ghafoori has been awarded a $2 million grant from the State of California Victim Compensation Board.