Betina Hsieh

Betina Hsieh. Ph.D., is an associate professor of secondary teacher education at California State University, Long Beach’s College of Education.

Her research focuses on teacher identity, critical (digital) literacies in teacher education, social media use in teaching and teacher education, navigating heritage language loss and reclamation, and experiences of teachers and teacher educators of color, with a specific emphasis on Asian American teachers.

Professor Hsieh has done extensive work with K-12 and higher education partners, offering workshops related to content area literacy development, social justice and equity work, and critical (digital) literacies. She has also served as a formal and informal mentor to numerous secondary and post-secondary students and junior faculty in the field of education.

Professor Hsieh holds a doctorate in Education with a Specialization in Language, Literacy and Culture, an M.A. in Education, and a B.A. in American Studies, all from University of California, Berkeley.