College of the Arts News

CSULB Arts Festival 2022 Video

A quick three-and-a-half minute glimpse into the classrooms, rehearsal halls, studios, and stages that are part of the exceptional community of artists, scholars, and educators that make up the CSULB College of the Arts.    

Fine Arts Affiliates – Supporting CSULB Students in the Arts for More than Fifty Years

For nearly 60 years, the Fine Arts Affiliates (FAA) has been supporting student scholarships for CSULB College of the Arts majors. During that time, more than $600,000 has been given to the College of the Arts by FAA for scholarships and programs. Membership is open to all.

David Waldman – Film and Electronic Arts – Lighting - Online Course

Earlier this month, David Waldman, a professional cinematographer and instructor for the Film and Electronic Arts Department, teaches Lighting for the Camera. The course is offered in the Spring semester for third year undergrads in the narrative production option in FEA.  The goal of the class is the examination of basic aesthetic and technical principles…

CSULB Student Creates Virtual Choir Video

Mitchell Villareal, a graduating senior at CSULB recently created a beautiful virtual arrangement featuring multiple singers and instrumentalists all collaborating on “We Are the World.” He explained the inspiration, motivation, and process behind his video. 

Kleefeld Contemporary Connects with Instagram

In March, the Carolyn Campagna Kleefeld Contemporary Art Museum issued an invitation to its members, visitors, and followers on Instagram to participate in a virtual exhibition. Artwork and works in progress were submitted in response, and the Kleefeld Contemporary plans to continue this interactive outreach throughout the crisis and during the stay-at-home…

College of the Arts Community Pledge and Plan in Support of Black Lives Matter

As artists/educators/scholars/colleagues within the CSU System we accept the vital responsibility entrusted to us to create educational constructs for future members of the arts community.  We prepare our students not only to explore and reconceive ideologies within their chosen disciplines, but through their art to shape, impact and remold our communities…