Giving Day is a success because of you

Published February 22, 2018


We thank you.

Because of the generosity of the Long Beach State faculty, students, alumni and community, Long Beach State raised more than $1.1 million on its first Giving Day on Thursday. The 27-hour fundraiser targeted four groups, but donors could give to any area they wanted and it resulted in a final total of $1,135,891 from 1,660 gifts.

On one day. With one goal. And a lot of appreciation.

The four areas targeted were Basic Needs, General Scholarship, Study Abroad and unrestricted Beach funds. The university receives less than 28 percent of its funding from the state, making the worldwide fundraiser important to help maintain its level of excellence of teaching.

Donations were accepted online from midnight Eastern Standard time until 11:59 Pacific Standard time and at the on-campus Philanthropy Fair.

SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union matched $6,005 in its challenge, while alumna Kathleen Reams Hansen (1975, ’82) matched $3,222 for Study Abroad. Other challenges met were Bob Summers (1983), who offered $10,000 if 1,000 gifts were met, and ASI also donated $10,000 when 41 gifts were matched.

The 49er Shops gave an additional $10,000 to Basic Needs when its challenge of 90 gifts were met.

Overall, Basic Needs raised $29,798 with 143 gifts, while Study Abroad got $6,445 with 54 gifts; General Scholarships raised $12,010 from 82 gifts, and Beach Fund got $47,549 from 553 gifts.