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  • To locate a CSULB thesis, use OneSearch and choose the “Advanced Search” option. Then select “Books & Media (CSULB).” To find a thesis by department or topic, use the “Any field” setting, and type in the word “thesis” and then the name of the department or words that describe the topic. You can also limit the years of the search to a specific year or a range of years. To find a thesis by title or author, change the “Any field” setting to “Title” or “Author” and type in the information. 
  • If you are a current member of the CSULB community, you can also search CSULB theses published since 1973 via our Dissertations and Theses database. CSULB theses published since 1997 are available for free downloading (full text) via this database. CSULB theses published prior to 1997 can be purchased through the Dissertations and Theses database or can be viewed in print in the Library.
  • If you are not a current member of the CSULB community, you can access full text versions of CSULB theses published since 2009 via the ProQuest PQDT Open Access database. Be aware that there is a period of about six weeks between the delivery of the manuscript to ProQuest and its online availability. Also, the thesis author may set up an embargo of six months to two years that prohibits public access to a document during the embargo. To access a CSULB thesis published in 2008 or earlier, you should ask your own library to request the thesis through Interlibrary Services or you can go to the ProQuest dissertations website and purchase a copy.
  • The Library's Dissertations and Theses Research Guide web page has more information about finding graduate level manuscripts.

2018 Outstanding Thesis and Project Report Award Winners

Congratulations! May your achievement inspire all upcoming thesis authors!


College of Education

Macey W. Lachman, Educational Leadership- Thesis: A Problematic Yet Necessary Effort: White Women in Student Affairs and Anti-Racist Allyship

College of Health and Human Services

Camille Bulaclac, Social Work- Project: An Adolescent Dating Abuse Prevention Program: A Grant Proposal

Allison M. Quigley, School of Criminology, Criminal Justice and Emergency Management- Thesis: Establishing Police Legitimacy: The Influence of Procedural Justice in a Local Jurisdiction

Mark Riddlebarger, School of Criminology, Criminal Justice and Emergency Management- Project: A Flexible, Scalable Incident Action Planning Tool for Orange Coast District—CA State Parks

Makenzie M. Stade, Kinesiology- Thesis: The Physiological Effects of Wearing a Compression Garment During Resistance Exercise

College of Liberal Arts

Saleem Mohammed Alfaife, Linguistics- Thesis: A Grammar of Faifi

Rebecca L. Jacobs, Geography- Thesis: Determinants of Fire Intensity in a Mesic West Africa Savanna: A Statistical Analysis of Fire Characteristics

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Brendan K. Chan, Physics- Thesis: Hyperboloid-Parameterized Description of Diffusive Superconducting-Magnetic Hybrid Systems

Skylar Chuang, Biochemistry- Thesis: Apolipoprotein E3 Mediated Targeted Brain Delivery of Reconstituted High Density Lipoprotein Bearing 3, 10, and 17 nm Hydrophobic Core Gold Nanoparticles

Leslie G. Hellman, Science Education- Thesis: Lab Aliens, Legendary Fossils, and Deadly Science Potions: Views of Science and Scientists From Fifth Graders in a Free-Choice Creative Writing Program

Ryan M. Weller, Geology- Thesis: Compositional and Diagenetic Controls of Hardness in Siliceous Mudstones of the Monterey Formation, Belridge Oil Field, CA: Implications for Fracture Development

Ashley Wong, Biology- Thesis: Complement C1q and Macrophage Programmed Responses in Atherosclerosis

College of the Arts

Marielos C. Kluck, School of Art- Thesis: You Are What You Read: Participation and Emancipation Problematized in Habacuc's Exposición #1

2017 Outstanding Thesis Award Winners


College of Education

Melissa Mahoney, Educational Leadership- Thesis: Moving Toward an Anti-Deficit Perspective: African American Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) Students at Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs)

College of Health and Human Services

Dewi Ariani, Health Care Administration- Project: Amerindo International Nurse Recruitment Agency

Noelle Bringmann, Family and Consumer Sciences- Project: Transportation Program for Members of the Long Beach Village

Jennifer Campbell, Health Science- Thesis: Evaluation of the Pathway Between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Type 2 Diabetes in Adulthood

Donna De Loera, Social Work- Thesis: Experiences of Unaccompanied Immigrant Minors: A Qualitative Study of Their Written Journals

Brittany Goodwin, Speech-Language Pathology- Thesis: Parent’s Experiences Accessing Speech-Language Services Across Socioeconomic Levels Within Private Practice Settings

Michael Haswell, Kinesiology- Project: East Los Angeles Soccer Club: Elite Playing Opportunities for Underserved Student-Athletes with a Focus on Academic and Leadership Growth

Jesus Limon, Social Work- Project: Impact of Parental Incarceration on Family Reunification: California Welfare and Institution Code 361.5: A Policy Analysis

Stephan Moore, Criminology, Criminal Justice, and Emergency Management- Project: Fundamentals of Emergency Management for Law Enforcement: A California P.O.S.T. Course for Rural Officers

Sarah Ottone, Criminology, Criminal Justice, and Emergency Management- Thesis: A Qualitative Examination of Pretrial Decision-Making in Two California Counties

John Sassone, Family and Consumer Sciences- Thesis: Prevalence and Predictors of High Risk Supplement Use Among Collegiate Athletes  

Chelsea Soued and Michelle Wynne, Physical Therapy- Project: Functional Dorsiflexion Range of Motion Measurements in Individuals after CVA: A Pilot Study

Christina Tolentino-Baldridge, Nursing- Thesis: HIV Stigma: Beliefs and Attitudes of Nursing Students

College of Liberal Arts

Heather C. Barone, Communication Studies- Thesis: Bad Boss, What Are You Going to Do? An Investigation of Supervisor Misbehaviors

Marissa A. Jenrich, History- Thesis: “To Treat Her as a Woman”: African American Woman and Respectability in New York, 1860-1890

Manuel Romero, Romance, German, Russian Languages and Literatures- Thesis: Chronicling the Encounter: Wilderness and “Civilized” Spaces in Filippo Salvatore Gilij’s Essay on American History

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Gilbert Arias, Physics- Thesis: Fabrication of Josephson Junctions by Nanosphere Lithography

Cristal J. Burkhart, Science Education- Thesis: How High School Students Define and Classify Marine Animals

Rachel Ellena, Chemistry- Antimicrobia and Lipid Binding Properties of the C-Terminal Domain of Apolipoprotein A-I Determined Using a Novel Apolipophorin III/Apolipoprtein A-I (179-243) Chimera

Andrew C. Farris, Geology- Thesis: Quantifying Late Quaternary Deformation in the Santa Ynez Valley, Santa Barbara County, California

David Michael Lizárraga, Biology- Thesis:  Effects of Large Inedible Particles on the Feeding Performance of Echinoderm Larvae

Jared Roger Sutton, Mathematics- Thesis: An Explicit Construction of the Character Table for Aut(S6) Representations of Aut(S6)

College of the Arts

Sinead Finnerty, Art History- Thesis: Outward and Boundless: Painting in the Age of Expansion