Telehealth Education & Learning in Psychiatry

T-HELP is a pilot clinical training program designed for psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP) students. It uses HIPAA compliant telehealth video conferencing technologies to provide hybird live and online mental health support group sessions. In an effort to comply with the CA Stay At Home order, all Wellness Group sessions during this time are online using Zoom video conferencing. These sessions are supervised by a board certified psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioners and all students are licensed, registered nurses. The goal is to develop, test and provide high-quality training in mental health provision using telehealth. At the same time, the student training can provide an on-going community service in mental health primary prevention by incorporating this aspect into the masters level curriculum. In this way all engage to prepare confident professionals, strengthen university-community ties, and foster a vibrant, resilient society. Youth and young adults will be invited to collaborate as potential participants in these training programs.

T-HELP Partner Organizational Chart. Partners listed below.