Welcoming Accountable Voices in Education - WAVE

Eliminating Barriers in Student Conduct

The WAVE program is an extension of the Office of Student Conduct and Ethical Development focusing on the application of restorative justice practices and principles through the WAVE Student Board, WAVE Conferences, WAVE Community Circles, and Back to the Beach Reintegration Circles.

Accept all students as individuals, each with rights and responsibilities, each with goals and needs; and seek to create and maintain a campus climate in which learning and personal growth and development take place

- Association for Student Conduct Administration, 2009

Restorative Justice

What Is Restorative Justice?

"Restorative Justice is a collaborative decision-making process that includes harmed parties, offenders, and others who are seeking to hold offenders accountable by having them accept and acknowledge responsibility for their offenses, repair harm and work to rebuild trust" (Karp, 2015, p. 4).

Restorative Justice asks:
1. What happened?
2. Who has been impacted?
3. What can we do to make it better?

Karp, D. R. (2015). The little book of restorative justice for college of universities: repairing harm and rebuilding trust in response to student misconduct. New York, NY: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.

Restorative Justice in Action - Get Involved

W.A.V.E. Conference

Students who are responsible for violating the CSULB student conduct policies are provided the opportunity to take responsibility for their actions through a W.A.V.E. Conference. In a WAVE Conference, students work directly with individuals they have harmed to repair the harm that was caused by their actions.

W.A.V.E. Community Circles

Community circles help to address issues that may be affecting members of the CSULB community such as social issues and current events. These circles provide CSULB community members with an opportunity who different opinions, values, beliefs, and back grounds to come together to discuss difficult topics in a safe space.

Back to the Beach Reintegration Circles

Back to the Beach Reintegration Circles provide students who may have been separated from the university an opportunity to be welcomed back to the CSULB community with a support system that will help them develop a success plan.

WAVE Student Board

What is the W.A.V.E. Student Conduct Board?

The WAVE Student Conduct Board is a student run hearing board that uses the Restorative Justice model and principles to assist the Office of Student Conduct and Ethical Development in addressing student misconduct at CSULB.

The WAVE board utilizes the Restorative Justice model and will give students an opportunity to exercise their voice and be a part of the decision making process. This will allow CSULB to put the student back into student conduct.

The CSULB Peer Mediation Program was created by Dr. Pamela Kreiser and is available to help students come to a resolution without taking sides. Volunteer peer mediators from the Department of Communication Studies who have completed a Mediation Certificate Program (having met the 34 hours of basic mediation training according to the California Dispute Resolution Programs Act and taken the required coursework) staff the program. These mediators are specifically trained in the communication skills in order to help others in a variety of settings. Both mediators and the participants are able to learn through the process that conflict can both constructive and positive.

Contact: PeerMediation@csulb.edu

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