Résumé & CV

A graduate school résumé/CV typically accompanies your application to a college/university. The purpose of a graduate school résumé/CV is different from that of a résumé for a job.

What is the difference between a graduate school résumé/CV and a job search résumé?

A graduate school résumé and CV are geared primarily to an academic audience by highlighting your academic and intellectual accomplishments. A job search résumé is typically reviewed by hiring managers in nonacademic organizations and should be tailored to this group. Both should offer a persuasive account of your experiences and skills as they relate to the position being sought.

Below is a general description of what the graduate school résumé/CV and job search résumé generally entail.

Graduate School Résumé/CV

  • Audience: Fellow academics in your field of study as you apply for graduate studies, faculty jobs, postdocs, or fellowships
  • Purpose: Demonstrate your academic achievements and scholarly potential, including research, teaching, and honors
  • Length: As long as needed
  • Important information: publications, presentations, research and teaching experience, honors, and grants

Job Search Résumé

  • Audience: A general audience; employers who hire for a wide variety of positions
  • Purpose: Represent the skills and experience necessary to succeed in the position from all areas—job-related, volunteer, and extracurricular activities
  • Length: 1 to 2 pages
  • Important Information: Only those skills and experiences which are relevant to the position you are seeking

What to Include in a Graduate School Résumé/CV

Your graduate school graduate school résumé/CV will likely vary from other applicants, largely because each résumé/CV is unique to an applicant’s experiences. The information and sections you choose to include should be strategic and should speak to your potential as a scholar and professional.

Some of the most commonly included categories for graduate school résumés and CVs are:

  • Education
  • Research experience (include any publications) 
  • Scholarly or professional presentations
  • Employment experience
  • Teaching experience in higher education (include course information)
  • Scholarships/Grants awarded
  • Volunteer, community, or extra‐curricular involvement
  • Certifications/Licenses
  • Professional affiliations

The Graduate Center is available to provide feedback on your résumé/CV for graduate admission by appointment only. This service is free and available to everyone.