Graduate Aid Programs

The Financial Aid and Scholarships office at CSULB is your main resource for questions related to paying for your education. We oversee the awarding and distribution of loans, grants, work-study funds, and scholarships.

The types of financial aid available to students pursuing a graduate degree are very specific and differ from undergraduate or credential aid.

Students who are working on a second master’s or second doctoral degree are only eligible for federal loan funds or for private education loans. They are not eligible for any grant aid.

Impact of Enrollment on All Financial Aid Awards for Graduate Students:

In order to receive financial aid funding, you must be enrolled at least half-time (4 units for master’s degree students; 3 units for doctoral students) in upper-division coursework. Financial aid is not available for prerequisite courses or courses numbered 100-299.

Enrollment is reviewed at Census each semester. If you are enrolled less than half-time in eligible course work at Census, you may be required to repay some — or all — of the aid you previously received for the semester.