Provide Ongoing Support

There are a variety of things you can do to provide ongoing support to students.  While each situation is different, here are some things to consider:

Academic Accommodations

Personal challenges can affect students’ ability to succeed in college.  Sometimes, a little flexibility can make an enormous difference.  Depending on the nature of the challenge, you may want to consider arranging for class notes or tutoring, providing extensions or alternate assignments, or allowing students to take an incomplete grade for the semester.  Even small accommodations can help students feel supported and give them the flexibility they may need to continue to learn and excel in school.


Take the time to check in with the student a week or two later.  Try inviting the student to walk with you after class or inviting the student to your office hours.  Tell the student that you want to check to see how they are doing and assure the student that you are happy to listen and provide support whenever needed.  Reassure survivors that you are glad they spoke to you and that you respect their decisions.