Semester gets underway

Published August 27, 2017

Students on campus first day

Long lines to get coffee. Longer lines to buy books and longer still were the lines to drive onto campus. Those were among the things students faced Monday as the new semester began at Cal State Long Beach.

And that didn’t even include the many construction projects that made getting around the university somewhat challenging. Yet, students didn’t seem to fret over the obstacles. They appeared to more concerned with finding their classes, getting books and seeing a friendly face.

Mason Gamble, a junior civil engineering major, said he was eager to get started.

“I’m looking forward to having a schedule again with something to do,” Gamble said. “I was sort of bored over the summer.”

Construction around campus, including the long-term project on West Campus Drive turnaround, greeted the more than 37,000 new and returning students as they made their way to campus. For many, the bookstore was among the first order of business.

Dajahni Clemons, a business management major, stood in line to buy books after attending her first class of the day. She said she felt a sense of relief knowing her 8 a.m. class was behind her.

“I’m actually excited for his year even though I know it’s going to be harder because I get to take my first class in my major,” said Clemons, who is starting her sophomore year.

Ryan Park, a senior education major, wasn’t stressing her first day. She relaxed in a hammock while scanning a syllabus for her online educational psychology class.

“I’m not only excited to finish up (her B.A.) but to learn new things,” Park said.

For some students, Monday was not their first trip to CSULB. Meris Johnson, a second-year electrical engineer major, visited the bookstore last week to pick up books she had ordered before classes began. She said she wanted to be prepared in case one of her professors assigned early homework.

Johnson, too, said she was ready to get going on continuing her education.

“It will be good to be busy again,” she said.

Video courtesy of Uche Ezeoke